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January 1, 2011 / The Promiscuous Reader

Thank you Oliver Sacks!

Opening the newspaper this morning (a rare treat–usually I just read it online) I was delighted to see an article by Oliver Sacks.  It seems that every time I read something by him it resonates and pulls at some deeper cords of thought and consideration.  I instantly want to pass out copies to friends and family so we can all have long, interesting talks about migraines or what life would be like without the ability to taste.  Generally speaking, unfortunately, most friends and family aren’t quite as enthusiastic about this idea as I am.

This particular article was even more resonant than usual.  The past week or so, I’d been considering a major life change that would require some kind of creative activity to keep my mind busy in the afternoons and evenings (idle minds and the devil’s work and all that).  I figured a blog would be a great record of the upcoming year o’ change as well as help me to figure out some of the swirling dervishes of thought and idea that always seem to attack at two or so in the morning, in the car on the way to soccer practice or some other equally inappropriate moment.

Considering his words about the fact that the adult brain retains it’s resiliency, is continually capable of growth and regeneration were inspirational words to hear as I embark on this creative endeavor, working on goals of both becoming and not becoming. (Because I’ve found that my goals, lately, are as much about what I want to be as what I do not want to be.)


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