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January 6, 2011 / The Promiscuous Reader

A sort of harem

A man’s library is a sort of harem                                                                                        ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

I probably visit our public library two or three times a week.  I always have books on hold at the branch, something being transferred to it or a new recommendation I’m impatiently waiting in the queue for.  Last year my husband overheard a city councilman gossiping at the barber shop that he thought the library was a waste of money and he’d like to see it closed down.  They hadn’t even swept his hair up from the floor before he received a shrill email from me questioning his attitude and “idly wondering” what the rest of his constituents would think to hear such a thing.  Cue the major back pedaling.

While I love my public library, I also have a small collection of my own.  I think I chose our current house solely based on the excellent potential it has for tall bookshelves in the living room on either side of the fireplace.  We’ve been here now for three years…still no grand bookshelves.  The libraries in this article in the Times are lovely, a couple a bit too stuffy (I haven’t considered covering a book since I graduated from high school), but a few others I looked at and simply sighed with envy.  When the kids grow up and move away to college I say gardens shmardens…I’ll be tending my library.


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