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November 21, 2011 / The Promiscuous Reader

Coffee…the elixir of life

So this post may not have so much to do with reading, as it does with what I do to help me read so much.  A coworker recently asked me how I have so much energy.  I had just one answer to that query:  coffee.  Right around the same time, I read this article on NPR’s food blog, The Salt.  Basically, it boils down to some research studies that have been done and that illustrate that coffee can help reduce the risk of depression in women.  Wahoo!  Score one for coffee.

Having been raised by coffee teetotalers (yes, they do exist), I’ve always had a bit of a guilty relationship with the bitter brew.  Now that I’m almost forty, though, I’ve decided I’ve earned the right to guilt-free, daily coffee from whatever local coffee shop I decide to frequent.  Three dollars a day is a small price to pay for my sanity, and as one Facebook friend quipped when I posted this story on my wall, “Can I use my flex spending dollars?”

Taking a bit of a walkabout here, but another bit of wisdom I’ve gained over these many years in regard to mental health is that drinking coffee is not the only prescription I can write for myself.  More and more I’ve found that music can often be the great equalizer as well.  Having left the self-indulgent days of youth behind I skip over the gloom and doom and load my playlists with A Tribe Called Quest, ABBA and the occasional ironic (not so very) Neil Diamond tune.  🙂

Here’s one for the road:


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