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November 22, 2011 / The Promiscuous Reader

Time’s a tickin’

It seems appropriate at the beginning of this long holiday weekend to discuss time.  Today’s featured book on the WordPress home page was Scott Berkun’s Mindfire.  I started scanning the first chapter and was immediately struck by this line, “Time is the singular measure of life….knowing how to spend it well is the most important skill you can have.”  That alone made me want to read the book.  Anyone who has a thoughtful relationship with time and how they are spending it is, to me, worth listening to. The idea of time well spent seems to be increasing in importance the older I get.

Any discussion of time and literary topics would be incomplete without at least a brief mention of one of my favorite books on the topic, Time’s Arrow by Martin Amis.  In this book time moves backward and is so doing allows the reader to see events from an utterly unique point of view.  Further, it does so in such a compelling manner that, while reading the book, I was beginning to think backwards. Clearly it made quite an impression…I read it over 15 years ago!  Maybe it’s time for a reread.


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