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November 25, 2011 / The Promiscuous Reader

¿El día de las librerías?…now that’s my kind of holiday!

Today in Spain it is El día de las librerías, the Day of the Bookstores.  Whether or not this one of those self-promoting commercial holidays is, quite frankly, a moot point.  Bookstores stay open late tonight, host special events and, in general, celebrate their wares.  Awesome!  This article in El País is a quick survey of a variety of writers, musicians and other artsy types and their favorite bookstores in Spain.  I’ll be taking it with me on my next trip to Spain in lieu of any other guidebook.  I’m all set!

My own personal favorite bookstore is The Cloud and Leaf in Manzanita, OR.  (Check out this New York Times article that reviews the bookstore & other great activities in the town). I am convinced that the bookstore is located over some sort of geomagnetic hotspot as every book I have ever purchased there instantly engrosses me–perfect for the unpredictable weather of the Oregon coast. For being such a small store in a small town, there is a wide variety of interesting, off beat and independent literature there.  Among other finds, I discovered my love of Cesar Aira there and for that owe a debt of gratitude to the shop.

Since I only get to The Cloud and Leaf once a year, I do have to depend on other sources for the few books I purchase each year. A trip to Portland would be incomplete without a stop at Powell’s which would rank 2nd on my Top Five Bookstores list.  Armed with cell phones and muted text alert tones my family enters and spreads through the stacks like stealthy ninjas on attack.  We could easily spend hours there.  While I do love Powell’s, the sheer enormity can be overwhelming.  I appreciate a well-curated book store that offers a gentle, non-corporate, nudge in one direction or another and where a quick chat with the bookseller can point me toward new literary finds. Based on the article in El País, it seems I am not the only one.



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  1. enigmaedelweiss / Nov 25 2011 2:16 pm

    Cloud and Leaf looks amazing! I love small bookstores with narrow twisty aisles and shelved reaching the ceiling. One of my favorites is in Newport, RI. I always wander into the used section. I found a copy of the Cambridge edition of the complete works of Shakespeare published in 1905 or something like that. The text is filled with post-its made of tissue paper covered in notes done in an elaborate script. Incredible.

  2. krismerino / Nov 25 2011 8:18 pm

    I love it…. The day of the bookstore. How wonderful.

    • The Promiscuous Reader / Nov 26 2011 3:02 pm

      Loved your post on it! Who knows, maybe in the next couple of years we can have one here in the US (instead of day of the bigger-than-necessary-tv). 😉


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