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July 17, 2012 / The Promiscuous Reader

Back in the Saddle

Ahhh…summer.  This year had been such a wild ride that I literally did not have a second to sit down and write a post, much less read anything beyond a short news article (well, that’s not strictly true…probably I didn’t have enough time to savor and consider what I’d read).  Once summer vacation hit, however, I was frozen by the overwhelming choice of it all.  Not only was the choice overwhelming, but the responsibility to make an excellent first choice was daunting.  

I knew I wanted to read Hilary Mantel’s Bring Up the Bodies, but I decided to save that for the end of vacation.  That I was saving for my farewell to uninterrupted (by fatigue!) reading time. First, I just needed to get my feet wet in something delightful, captivating and, admittedly, not too thought-provoking. I looked immediately to my pending list of Swedish (or really, Scandinavian) crime novels.

After about three days (yes! I was that paralyzed with indecision),  I finally chose the first in Camilla Läckberg’s Patrik Hedstrom series, La Princesa de Hielo.  Yes, I read it in Spanish.  I figured first, either way it’s a translation so what’s the difference, and second, it was cheaper for the Kindle in Spanish.  It was a perfect beginning to summer reading.  I devoured it!  Once I finished it, I promptly bought book two with the promise that I would stop there and take a break in order to start chipping away at my pile of library books that were coming in (I started putting them on hold in mid-May in anticipation).


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