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June 9, 2013 / The Promiscuous Reader

Perfect Crime

Historia de un crimen perfectSeveral months ago I downloaded the novella, Historia de un crimen perfecto by Mikel Santiago, to my Kindle.  I wish I had made a note at the time of what even steered me in that direction.  I think it may have been the free Spanish book of the week!  I read it in about a day and a half and was miffed a couple times along the way that work and other obligations were getting in the way of my reading time!

The novella tells the story of Eric Rot, a self-made power broker who admits on the very first page that he has murdered a woman.  The story goes on to develop his back story, the reasons for the crime and the unfortunate consequences as well.  I’m sure people who have read both will shake their heads in disbelief, but it reminded me a little of Ian McEwan’s Atonement, in the sense that the narrator, in the end turns out to be unreliable.

For you English readers, a translation is available under the title Memoir of a Perfect Criminal.


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