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First of all, I’m not really that promiscuous…except when it comes to the printed word.  I love to read and I’ll read pretty much anything. Books, blogs, magazine articles, soup cans, windshield flyers and three newspapers each morning.  This is my blog about thoughts on what I’ve read, topics I’d like to read about, etc.  I’ll be adding interesting articles as well, as I’ve realized that I read several different newspapers every day as well.

It’s also about a one year journey I started on New Year’s Day 2011.  I’m making a little change and want to chronicle how it all works out.

**As an experiment, I am trying out the Amazon affiliate program, so book links to Amazon do link to my affiliate account.  That being said, I haven’t made anything yet, but when I do I’ll do something fun with it like a giveaway on the blog.**


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  1. krismerino / Nov 26 2011 7:34 am

    Love the picture, and I have to say, probably one of the truths which I live by!

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